TeXlips - A MiKTeX GUI for NoteTab

The NoteTab clipbook library TeXlips has been designed to help the novice and the experienced MiKTeX user to run TeX and friends applications in a convenient and user friendly manner. The clip programming language in NoteTab is powerful and flexible enough to make this possible and hopefully TeXlips is able to fulfill its task of being the glue that binds the editor, the Windows operating system, and MiKTeX into a well integrated TeX system.

Inverse Search

To use "Inverse search" in YAP (see the inverse search tab under view|options in YAP) with NoteTab the command line

"PATH\NOTEPRO.EXE" %f /J=%l /L="TeXlips 1.20.clb:Inverse search"

should be inserted under "View|Options|Inverse Search" in YAP. The path is here the full NoteTab path, e.g.


The quotes in around the PATH\NOTEPRO.EXE are only needed when the path contains spaces; the quotes around the value for the /L switch are always needed since the clipbook filename includes a space. For NoteTab Std you should swap NOTEPRO.EXE with NOTETAB.EXE (and, of course, use the full path to the directory where NOTETAB.EXE is located); naturally, with NoteTab Lite you should do the same. Values for the parameters %f and %l are determined by YAP, with %f being the tex-file name of the dvi-file you're viewing and %l being the line number in the tex-file that corresponds to the position in the dvi-file where your cursor is located. The ordering of the two parameters doesn't seem to be important.

Setting the "Inverse search" command line in YAP

As an aid, TeXlips includes the clip Inverse search. It can be used in conjunction with inverse search (i.e. searching for e.g. a paragraph in the tex-file from YAP) by adding, as above, the following to the command line in YAP

/L="TeXlips 1.20.clb:Inverse search"

This command line parameter is supported since version 4.8 of NoteTab. On invoking inverse search it will only react if word wrap is on in the tex-version of the dvi-file you're viewing in YAP. It will then check the current cursor position and record the row number, turn word wrap off and move the cursor to the row number, and then turn word wrap on again. The reason why this maneuver is needed is that NoteTab treates line numbers differently when word wrap is on than when it's off and the line number supplied by YAP is the correct one for NoteTab when word wrap is off. The option "Set Inverse search command in YAP for NoteTab" under the MiKTeX 1.20 maintenance clip can be used to automatically set the command line in YAP.

Inverse search only works with NoteTab when (i) you have inserted source specials into the dvi-file, and (ii) NoteTab is already open. Please note that it's not necessary for the tex-file to be open or active in NoteTab. Also, the /L switch is not supported by versions prior to 4.8 and hence inverse search will only work in previous versions if (i) you have inserted source specials, (ii) NoteTab is already open, and (iii) word wrap is set off in the tex-file.

Apart from checking the "View|Options|Inverse Search" tab in YAP you can also learn which inverse search command line YAP invokes by running the clip MiKTeX 1.20 maintenance and selecting the "Check MiKTeX registry settings" option (requires NoteTab version 4.8 or later).

Next, source specials may e.g. be included in the dvi-file by compiling the tex-file via the clip LaTeX with source specials in TeXlips, by running the clip TeX with options and, for instance, save the source specials command in TeXlips ini-file via the "Set TeX options as default" option, or by using the LaTeX2e package srcltx.sty. You can obtain this package by e.g. trying out the WinEdt editor.

The "Match Directory" option in NoteTab

I recommend that you have NoteTab's "Directory Tracking" turned on (see the Files tab on the Options menu); from version 4.51 it's called "Match Directory". This should ensure that e.g the TeX compiler doesn't get confused about in which directory the active document is located.

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