TeXlips - A MiKTeX GUI for NoteTab

The NoteTab clipbook library TeXlips has been designed to help the novice and the experienced MiKTeX user to run TeX and friends applications in a convenient and user friendly manner. The clip programming language in NoteTab is powerful and flexible enough to make this possible and hopefully TeXlips is able to fulfill its task of being the glue that binds the editor, the Windows operating system, and MiKTeX into a well integrated TeX system.

Where to learn more about TeX and LaTeX

MiKTeX comes with a large set of TeX and LaTeX related documentation. Among the most important documents are the "MiKTeX Manual" by Christian Schenk (1999), "A Directory Structure for TeX Files" by the TeX Users Group (1996), "LaTeX for authors" by the LaTeX3 Project Team (1997), "BibTeXing" by Oren Patashnik (1988), and "Packages in the 'graphics' bundle" by David Carlisle (1999). All these articles are included in the MiKTeX distribution under the doc directory.

Naturally, there are also a number of useful books on TeX and LaTeX. A classic is The TeXbook by Donald Knuth (1984), which far too few people have read. A more popular work is LaTeX -- A Document Preparation System by Leslie Lamport (1994), the standard reference on LaTeX commands and the setup of LaTeX documents.

An overview of the packages that are available for LaTeX is presented in The LaTeX Companion by Michel Goossens, Frank Mittelbach, and Alexander Samarin (1994), while The LaTeX Graphics Companion by Michel Goossens, Sebastian Rahtz, and Frank Mittelbach (1997) focuses on graphics packages (such as color, graphics, graphicx) and matters concerning PostScript (such as PSTricks). For those interested in how TeX and LaTeX can be integrated with and is related to today's web technologies (e.g. CSS, HTML, JavaScript, MathML, pdf, XML, and XSL) there's The LaTeX Web Companion by Michel Goossens and Sebastian Rahtz (1999).

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