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Current Version: 0.45
Current Release: 2


Structural VAR

Compiling the Source Code

To compile the stand-alone source release you need MatLab with the MatLab compiler and the C/C++ Math and Graphics Libraries and a C compiler. From version 3 of the MatLab compiler these 2 libraries are included in the compiler collection, while they were previously distributed separately. Before compiling the code, extract the contents of the file var-src-x.y-z.zip into a directory (or var-src-x.y-z.tar.gz under UN*X). This will create a new sub-directory (var-src-x.y-z). Cd to that directory and open the file matlabversion.m in a text editor. On line 7 you'll find the text

versionstring = ' (R11.1)';

Please change the text within quotes to the version of MatLab you have. If you don't know which version you have, write version at the MatLab prompt and MatLab will give you the answer. Note that this information need to be in a text string as above. Next, create the file mccpath from the MatLab prompt (in the directory where you've unzipped the var-src-x.y-z.zip file) by typing:


This ensures that all include directories are provided for the MatLab compiler. To compile the code you can now type:

mcc -B sgl var.m

at the MatLab prompt in the directory where you've extracted the var-src-x.y-z.zip or var-src-x.y-z.tar.gz file. Alternatively, run the file build-c.bat under Windoze (or the shell script build-c under UN*X) that's supplied with the source code and wait for it to finish. This may take a few minutes!

Currently, I've managed to successfully build and run the executable var.exe with the MatLab compiler when it translates the m-files into C and compiles the C-code with Microsoft Visual C++ version 6 on Windows NT4, Windows 2000 Professional, and Windows XP Professional. The translation into C++ doesn't compile yet, but I'll try to fix this in a future release.


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