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Structural VAR

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To get the most out of Structural VAR I recommend that you also install the following software on Windoze:

  • AFPL or GNU Ghostscript as a general PostScript engine.
  • GSView to view Encapsulated PostScript and PostScript as well as Portable Document Format files and to print PostScript figures via gsprint. Requires ghostscript.
  • pstoedit for saving graphics files into Windows MetaFiles and Enhanced Windows MetaFiles (for use with, e.g., Microsoft Word). Requires a PostScript interpreter like ghostscript.
  • IrfanView as a general graphics viewer.
  • It can also convert graphics files into a wide range of formats.
  • TxtPrint for convenient printing of, e.g., output files. Structural VAR defaults to notepad under Windoze, but txtprint provides better formatting. Instead of downloading the software from here you may visit the homepage of TxtPrint and download it from there.
  • For computers running Windoze NT4/2000/XP/2003/Vista I would strongly recommend the PsTools utilities by Windows Sysinternals. If you wish to let Structural VAR change the window icon on certain Structural VAR dialogs, the PsTools utilities will come in very handy.
  • A TeX system such as MiKTeX for previewing a LaTeX formatted output file in the event that you have told Structural VAR to write LaTeX formatted output. MiKTeX includes a version of GNU Ghostscript. Alternatively, you may consider using teTeX, which is supported by and included in the Cygwin distribution.
To my recollection, all these software are free, at least for non-commercial use, in the sense that you do not have to pay for them. For UN*X machines there are similar or identical software available.


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